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Leica MobileMatriX

Leica MobileMatriX is an evolution in mobile GIS technology
Leica MobileMatriX is a software solution for the interactive processing, visualization and maintenance of survey data directly in the field. Leica MobileMatriX, based on the latest ArcGISTM technology from ESRI, has been developed for seamless dataflow between the field and the office. It was designed specifically for the needs of surveyors and GIS professionals.
You can set up the software to check-out data from your enterprise database even when you are not at your desk. Similarly, you don’t have to return to the office to upload your field work – simply connect over the internet to your network server or FTP site and send your update. Together with multiple surveying sensors (GPS, TPS and Level), Leica MobileMatriX provides a complete field-to-finish solution for maintaining your GIS.
The Leica MobileMatriX on ArcGIS® Edition runs as an extension on any ESRI ArcGIS® Desktop product (ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo) with version 10.0 / 10.1 providing:
Full GIS functionality of underlying ArcGIS Desktop available.
GIS functionality varies according to ArcGIS Desktop product.