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تأتي كلمة اوتوليسب AUTO LISP  كجزئين مكونين لها هما أوتو AUTO LISP من شركة أوتودسك العريقة وليسب AUTO LISP ككلمة مشتقة من اختصارات بداية الحروف للجملة التالية   LISt Programming or LISt Processing كما يقال لهذه اللغة أنها اختصار لجملة قائمة المعالج LISt Processor.
كان هذا تعريف مقتضب لمعنى اوتوليسب حيت سنقترح عليكم مجموعة لاهمها و أكترها طلبا و ذلك في إطارسلسلات متفرقة.
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Command Prompt :Exyz

Program to Export X (Easting), Y (Northing) and Z (Elevation) of the selected text along with the Text Content to CSV File

                   Import Sl,X,Y,Z and Code
Command Prompt :IPnt

Program to Import Serial Number, Elevation, & Code from Files wherein the Point Data (Downloaded from Total Station or GPS) is stored in CSV (Comma Separated Value) Format, Necessarily in following Order
                                     Measure Line
Command Prompt :Mlin

Mlin Measure each segment of selected poly line:
This free lisp is useful while working with Land Survey Drawings. After creating Survey boundary, it is common practice to measure length of each segment of the boundary and put a text along the segment indicating the length of that side

                                     Arc to Line
Command Prompt :Artl

This free lisp is useful while working with Land Survey Drawings. Many a lisp programs will fail when arc is present in the polyline segment. When exporting polyline data to other software’s also sometimes if arc is present in the polyline, it will be difficult to export. Using this free lisp arc or circles can be converted into similar shape made of smaller segments of straight lines.

                        Repeat Measure Command
Command Prompt :RMES

 Measure command is a very useful command. Rarely there will be requirement to use measure command on multiple lines with same block to be inserted. 
 this single command alone can do the required block insertion at a given distance on multiple polylines.

Command Prompt :PLen

 In a city map if you have marked all the road centres in one layer, using this lisp, you can find out the total length of the city road. When you select the plines in the drawing, this free lisp not only gives the length of selected plines, it will also give length of individual plines in a comma separated value file. This file can be opened in Excel for further editing.

 Free Lisp - Find Intersections (Arc, Line)
Command Prompt :Fint

 Finding Intersection points of multiple lines takes time and if arc is present in those lines, it becomes more complex. Using Find intersections lisps it is possible to find the intersection points of multiple lines in a single command. Arc, Line, Polylines are can be selected to find intersections.
How to download My Lisp CAD package?
1. Start your CAD program at the command prompt or on the screen, type APPLOAD. The Applications dialog box Load / Unload will be displayed.
2. Next to "Look in," click to search the directory where you saved the Lisp file, select the file, click the Load button and click the Close button to close 'Load / Unload Applications box dialog.