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المرجع الشهير الخاص بتصميم المباني لمقاومة الزلازل

هذا المرجع تتضح اهميتة في انه يساعد علي فهم وتحليل قوي الزلازل وتاثيرها علي المباني العالية وهو من اشهر المراجع الخاصة الخاص بتصميم المباني لمقاومة الزلازل
 Earthquake Resistant Buildings from reinforced concrete
This book can help and educate the experienced professionals as well as the students and trainees of all construction professions (architects, civil engineers, project managers, technical engineers, contractors, construction team managers, designers), since all of them should have the appropriate knowledge of the construction practices and techniques used in reinforced concrete buildings.